Butt and Pass Log Cabin

Log house is structurally identical to a log cabin (a house typically made from logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber). This kind of houses are especially popular in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia, where straight and tall coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce, are readily available. There are 2 types of […]

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Tuff Shed Cabins for Various Functions

Today tuff shed cabins are used for various functions not only for backyard storage, but you can also turn it into several different rooms. there are many ideas of tuff shed cabins that can be used as a space solution since they are roomy, customizable and movable. when tuff shed cabins are used as a backyard storage, it is […]

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Tree Decorating Tips for Christmas Day

When it comes to Christmas I cannot find another thing that is more appealing than the Christmas tree. This can be seen from people’s attention when it comes to decorate the Christmas trees. Of course everyone can apply their own ideas on this issue, but what more important is to make sure the decoration will […]

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Best Types of 3 Season Porch for Decoration

You want to add some outdoor space to your home? Well, maybe you might wonder of what the differences among screened porch, 3 season porch, and sunroom. Well, the word porch itself comes from latin word portio. This is an outdoor area outside the building in the Roman era. Anyway not only those 3 rooms […]

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How to Apply Master Bedroom Bedding Ideas to Your Room

There are some steps to apply master bedroom bedding ideas. The steps would be best if you have considered some things before you go down to the business. You should consider the size of your main bedroom and the furniture inside. Those two things must be involved in your discussion so you can adjust the […]

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How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Home

There are some ways in finding the answer of a question like this, how to pick paint colors for your home? Paint colors are just important. They are like your identity as the house owner. Basically you should blend with them or vice versa. We all know that picking paint colors can get confusing, but […]

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How to Install Roof Drip Edge System

Drip edge and Rake edge is the first part of the Roof System to be established. A roof drip edge is an L molded strip that is instituted along the edges of the roof, to permit water to drip clear of the roof. Generally drip edges of made of metal. Some range nearby construction standards […]

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